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  • 3x Gel Pads Agua

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    Cats take notes: There is an invention that will change the lives of all cats. Thanks to these Gel Pads, you will never push your water fountain over again; it will stay firmly in place. So you can enjoy your refreshing, clean water undisturbed.

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    Product Description

    Thanks to the self-adhesive gel pads, you can fix the Agua water fountain on a hard floor. In this way you can be sure that the Agua always remains in place and cannot be knocked over just like that. The pads are washable under the tap and can be re-activated with a hairdryer for long-lasting use. 

    Key benefits

    ✔ Fixes the Agua water fountain firmly to a hard floor.
    ✔ The pads are reusable and washable.
    ✔ Easy to place on the underside of the Agua.
    ✔ Each package contains 3 sets of Agua pads.

    Suitable for my cat?

    Does your cat or dog sometimes knock the water fountain over? And do you have a hard floor? In this case we recommend the use of the adhesive gel pads, the gel pads ensure that the Agua remains nicely fixed so that it certainly does not fall over.

    Technical details

    Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.75cm and 16g per set.
    Mounting: Simply attach to the underside of the Agua.
    Maintenance: Every 2 weeks, wash under the tap and reactivate with a hairdryer. 
    Replace: Replace after 3-6 months. 


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