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  • Hoopo® Dome Cat Litter Box Pink

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    The Dome cat litter box has a beautiful design that blends seamlessly with any interior style. The modern design offers a balance between functionality and style for both cats and cat owners!

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    Product description

    The Dome litter box is very easy to clean and beautifully designed. The modern design offers a balance between functionality and style, which is why both cats and cat owners love the Dome!

    The Dome is not suitable for cats that pee standing up (spraying), and for cats over 5kg.

    Most important advantages

    For people

    ✔ Say goodbye to unpleasant odours
    Daily maintenance is the best remedy for odors and a clean litter box is very important for cats! The Dome is very practical and very easy to clean.

    ✔ Super easy maintenance
    With the handles you can easily lift the lid, use the shovel to put the waste in the small container so you can dispose it easily. The scoop of the Dome has a special design and works faster. 

    ✔ No more litter on the floor
    Thanks to the drip tray, the litter stuck under your cat's paws falls into the small container so that less litter is spread on the floor. Simply empty the small container into the bin every other day.

    ✔ A beautiful addition to your home interior
    The Dome has a modern design that fits seamlessly into your interior. Place a vase on the Dome or a pile of books. The partition makes sure you don't look into the litter box and see the cat litter.

    ✔ No scratches on the floor
    The pads under the Dome ensure that the litter box does not damage hard floors. 

    For cats

    ✔ Easy access 
    Cats love to crawl into it! The Dome is suitable for older cats or cats with arthritis. 

    ✔ Privacy
    The closed litter box, the entrance curtain and the partition give privacy to your cat and offer security.

    ✔ Space
    The Dome offers enough space for small to medium/small cats.

    ✔ Always nearby
    Some cats like to stay close to their owners, thanks to the stylish design the litter box doesn't need to be hidden and can be placed anywhere. Your cat doesn't have to walk far to do his needs. And the Dome litter box complements your interior!

    Super easy cleaning

    1. Lift the lid with the 2 handles.
    2. Take the shovel and the small container.
    3. Dump the waste into the small container.
    4. Throw the waste into the trashcan.
    5. Replace the container and the lid.

    Deep cleaning can easily be done with soapy water. Then dry the Dome with a cloth. Tip: do not use a brush that is too hard whilst cleaning to prevent scratches.

    Cleaning instruction video

    Spare parts

    • Drip tray with small container
    • Scoop with holder 
    • Curtain (can be clicked on or off)
    • Lid with handles
    • Partition wall
    • Bottom with pads 

    The product does not need to be put together and can be used immediately.

    Environment & Material

    • Made from recycled ABS
    • Produced with environmentally friendly elements
    • The ABS is strong and durable
    • Max load capacity of the Dome is 25KG (put a plant on the Dome!)

    Dome vs Dome Plus


    Product drawing

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    4.75 stars based on 4 reviews Create your own review

    Most recent reviews

    • 4 / 5 A. Buneta, Germaa say ny 13-04-2021 10:34

      Very well designed and styled. A small dollops of dissatisfaction is the fastening of the 'curtains'. As the rod they're attached to is only laid into the respective holders, the cat's back dislodges it every time dhe passed underneath. We have the white Dome.

    • 5 / 5 Hermien 28-11-2020 09:34

      Prettige klantenservice en vervolgens een snelle levering, wij zijn happy de peppy!

    • View all 4 reviews
    • 5 / 5 Shirley 19-11-2020 16:35

      Yeeeey! Finally a great litter box my faf colour :-) Shipment was quick and packaging is good. Can you make the Dome a size bigger?

    • 5 / 5 Susanne 21-10-2020 13:20

      Love it! Works easy, both my cats love it and looks great!

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