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  • Dome litterbox for big cats

    The Hoopo Dome Plus has an external drip tray, and therefore has more space inside. This makes the Dome Plus suitable for medium to large cats.

    The Dome Plus Litter Box: A beautifully designed litter box with an extra drip tray.

    The Dome Plus litter box may soon become your cat's favourite place! The design of the Dome Plus cat toilet reminds cats of a cave. As cat owners know, it is especially fun for cats to hide in such caves. The closed design of the Dome Plus litter box prevents the odors from littering freely throughout the house. In addition, the design litter box is delivered with a special anti-litter mat, where litter which is still hanging around falls into, so that you have less trouble with litter in the living room! The Hoopo® Dome Plus is a durable litter box produced out of love for the environment and for cats! The use of harsh chemicals is completely avoided during production. As a sustainable litter box, it is also almost a matter of course that particularly durable plastic is used, made from 100% recycled ABS plastic. The ABS plastic is scratch-resistant and very robust so that your cat can enjoy the Hoopo® Dome Plus as long as possible, but also to reduce the recurring need for plastic. Environmental awareness, economy and love for animals go hand in hand!

    Preventing odors in the litter box

    Who wants bad smells in their home? Nobody, right? Cats don't want to be left in their droppings because ... well, the same reasons that we have! In order to maintain sufficient hygiene in the Dome Plus Cat Litter Box, you should remove the litter every day. The scooping cycle also depends on the number of cats you have but the more often you clean your beautiful litter box the better for you and the cat! Also keep the cat litter deep enough in the design litter box so the lumps don't stick to the bottom of the beautiful litter box. It helps to scoop as soon as your cat does her business because the cat lumps easily stick to the surface.

    Just rinse under the shower

    Thoroughly cleaning the litter box and the litter scoop every now and then will also go a long way to keeping your dearest cat healthy and happy. Don't wait for a weekly scrubbing day to clean up all the smells and mess. Instead, try to build a routine so that regular cleaning of your Dome Plus litter box does not seem like a cumbersome task.

    A proactive approach to cat litter can mean a clean home and a happier cat. So make sure you choose a litter box that your cat will use, keep the litter fresh and sealed and find the right spot for the designer litter box. Now you are sure you are doing the right thing! And enjoy your kats love and craziness!

    Beautiful design litter box and durable

    The Hoopo® Dome Plus cat litter box is clean designed and offers a perfect balance between style and functionality. It is a beautiful addition to your interior which fits seamlessly into any style of living room. Thanks to the stylish design you do not have to be ashamed for your litter box anymore. It is a real eye-catcher. You can also place a plant or a pile of books on it because the Hoopo® Dome can carry up to 25 kg. Did you know that all Hoopo® Litter Boxes are made of 100% recycled ABS? This is sustainable and good for the planet!

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