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    Our team is obsessed with design and cats! Nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy cat. We therefore find it very important to offer beautiful, but above all functional cat furniture that cats and their owners can enjoy to the full.

    Your cat needs all kinds of cat products to feel comfortable and safe. Think about products such as a litter tray, a nice cat bed, scratching posts and cat toys. We at Hoopo® offer you and your cat all these products. Products that are not only very convenient to use, but also look very stylish.

    Our mission is to provide beautiful, functional designer creations for domestic cats and their owners.
    To succeed in this mission, we work with 4 core values, which we reintegrate into every design:  

    All our designs are made from planet-friendly materials such as recycled ABS and sustainable porcelain. The sustainable materials used in Hoopo® cat products are assured of the best quality so that they are long-lasting, wear- and scratch-resistant.

    Hoopo® distinguishes itself by offering the best service with every order. For example, we are always available for questions and we work with a cat expert to support our customers in the best possible way. We also ship all orders received before 22:00 the same day and offer a 30-day right of return on all our products.

    All our products are not only very convenient to use, but they also look very stylish. We work with top designers who design the most beautiful products for your cat. These sleek designs fit seamlessly into any interior and not only offer your cat an optimal product, but also provide you as a cat owner with a beautiful design item in your home.

    Of course, functionality is a very important element within our products. All products are extensively tested by a test panel and we also engage with cat behaviourists to ensure that our designs can be used optimally and safely by all cats.

    From idea to creation

    We offer an extensive collection of furniture and toys for your beloved four-legged friend.  Each product adheres to our four core values and goes through a number of crucial stages: 

    The process always starts with an idea and a sketch, which is then reviewed by a cat behaviour expert. Then our top designers get to work on a unique design, also considering the durability of the materials. This design is then turned into a sample that is extensively tested by our test panel. Only when a design has passed all tests and complies with all certifications do we proceed to production. Finally, an extensive quality check of the final product follows to ensure its functionality and quality. After-sales service is also very important to us. We like to think along with our customers and are always available for questions and comments.  

    Our products

    Our collection is already very versatile, but is growing every day. For example, we offer the Dome; a designer litter box that is simple, beautiful and easy to use. There is also the Ring feeding bowl where your cat is encouraged to eat quietly, so he doesn't get overexcited or hurt his stomach. And do you really want to spoil your cat? Then buy the lovely Tri cat blanket or the Donut cat bed: ideal for your cat to curl up for a nap.
    Take a quick look at our collection for these and other beautiful designs to spoil your cat!

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