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  • Choose the right Hoopo litter box for your cat.

    Do you have a small or a somewhat larger cat? Check out all the models and choose the right litter box for your cat.

    The team at Hoopo®: fond of cats and design!

    Our team is obsessed with cats, interior design and design. And we are aware of unhappy cat owners who are looking for an easy to clean, and beautifully designed litter box. So we listened to feedback from cat lovers and decided to come up with a solution. With our team of designers and cat lovers we have developed the most beautiful and practical litter box. The Dome litter box has a beautiful design, prevents spreading of grit and odor and is very easy to clean. And all Dome litter boxes are made of 100% durable ABS plastic, which is good for the environment.

    Hoopo® Dome Litter Boxes: Beautifully designed litter boxes

    The Dome litter boxes are both easy to clean and beautifully designed litter boxes. The modern design of the Dome and Dome Plus cat litter box offers a balance of functionality, style, and are produced with consideration for the planet! This is why cats and cat owners alike love the Dome design litter boxes!

    Change your litter box regularly. This is because cats are very picky and find it very important that their designer litter box is clean. The square Hoopo Dome cat litter box is a modern and sleekly designed litter box made from a durable recycled plastic, to which no unpleasant odors adhere. In addition, the litter box is equipped with a custom-made anti-leak tray, which ensures that there is no grit left in the living room. So the living room is always clean and you keep your cat happy with a fresh litter box. Our litter boxes are not only beautiful but also practical. 

    The Poh Litter Box: A beautifully designed litter box

    This simple yet beautiful version of the classic litter box is made of only planet-friendly plastic. The compact design makes the Poh suitable for small spaces, but spacious enough for your cat's comfort.The Poh cat toilet is made of high quality strong plastic that is easy to clean and feels solid. Cleaning is easy with the handy scoop that fits nicely into the accompanying container. Thanks to the stylish design the litter box does not need to be hidden and can be placed anywhere.

    Our designers design the most practical and luxurious litter boxes and litter toilets. Our design litter boxes are not only beautiful but also practical litter boxes. Free of nasty odors and with the beautiful design an eye-catcher in your interior. We always choose durable materials and products made with craftsmanship. See the complete range of luxury cat toilets.

    How often should you wash your Poh litter box? 

    Usually owners wash the litter box 1x per week. You can use washing-up liquid and warm water to clean the litter box. Certainly do not use traditional bleach as this can interact with the ammonia in cats urine. Regular washing prevents the plastic material of your litter box from absorbing cat odours. This means that you do not have to replace a litter box as quickly if you clean it often.   

    Are Hoopo® Litter Boxes durable?

    The Hoopo® Dome Litter Boxes are clean and offer a perfect balance between style and functionality. It is a beautiful addition to your interior that will fit seamlessly into any style living room. Thanks to the stylish design you no longer need to be ashamed of your litter box. It is a real eye-catcher. You can also place a plant or a pile of books on it, because the Hoopo® Dome can carry up to 25 kg. And did you know that all Dome litter boxes are made of 100% recycled ABS? This is sustainable and good for the planet!

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