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  • The accessories suitable for the Hoopo cat products.

    Did you know that you are doing your cat a great favour with a clean litter box? Get your extra accessories here to keep your Dome litter box clean easily!

    Luxury Cat accessories for the Hoopo® Dome Litter Box

    Do you have a playful tomcat at home, who asks for attention but can also relax? Your four-legged friend needs all kinds of cat accessories, such as cat blankets, cat baskets, cat cushions, cat toys, cat trees and much more! But don't forget the designer litter boxes. The Dome Litter Boxes are beautifully designed, made of 100% durable ABS plastic and very easy to keep clean! You can even just rinse the litter boxes under the tap or shower with a little soap. Just pat dry and the litter box is as good as new!

    For the daily maintenance you should use our sturdy and durable scoop. We have designed this litter box scoop especially to make litter box cleaning as easy as possible. Our cat litter scoop produces minimal dust while scooping and lets the clean litter pass through very quickly. The design and sloping contours make it easy to scoop up lumps and reach every spot. The set is made from 100% recycled ABS and has a beautiful design!

    Even the litter box accessories are planet friendly!

    The Hoopo® Dome cat litter box is sleekly designed and offers a perfect balance of style and functionality. It is a beautiful addition to your interior, which fits seamlessly into any style of living room. Thanks to the stylish design you no longer have to be ashamed for your litter box. It is a real eye catcher. And did you know that all Hoopo® litter boxes and the matching accessories such as the litter box scoop are made of 100% recycled ABS? That is sustainable and good for the planet!

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