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    After a day of playing and hunting, cats want to drink some water and then snooze away in their baskets. The Aqua Dual Filters are an excellent addition to the Aqua SMART fountain and filter all hair, dirt, tastes, and odors out of the water.

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    Product Description

    The outer cotton layer of the filter catches hairs and the sponge filter with activated carbon cleans the drinking water. The Dual filters offer a perfect supplement to the UVC Germicidal lamp. Thanks to the dual active filters, the Agua's drinking water remains fresh, clean and tasty. 

    Key benefits

    ✔ Supplementary filters to the UVC Germicidal lamp ensures clean water.
    ✔ Dual active system improves the taste of drinking water.
    ✔ Easy to place in the filter holder of the Agua.
    ✔ Each package contains 5 Agua filters.

    Suitable for my cat?

    The Hoopo® Agua is suitable for all cats and stimulates your cat to drink more, which is good for your cat's health. We recommend to always use the filters and to change them weekly. 

    Technical details

    › Dimensions: 9.8cm x 4.9cm and 4g each.
    › Assembly:
    Simply insert into the water filtration holder (see no. 7).
    › Dual active:
    The activated carbon with sponge filter guarantees fresh drinking water. 
    › Replacing:
    Change the filter weekly for optimum clean water.  


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