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5 reasons to buy the Dome cat litter box

5 reasons to buy the Dome cat litter box

The Hoopo® Dome offers the best of both worlds: comfort and functionality for you and your cat, combined with a modern design. That makes both your cat and you happy! Read THE 5 reasons to buy a Hoopo® Dome litter box here.

5 reasons to buy the Hoopo® Dome cat litter box

Let's be honest? What do you think of the design and use of your current cat litter box? Most cat lovers will without no doubt agree: the standard litter boxes are downright ugly and quite impractical. They stink, spread grit or granules throughout your house and are certainly not an addition to your interior. There's got to be a different solution, right?

We thought so too! Unfortunately, that litter box didn't seem to exist. Wherever we looked, we couldn't find it. Our only requirements: we wanted a litter box that was comfortable for cats, easy to clean and that also looked good.

That is why we designed one ourselves together with a team of designers, engineers and cat therapists. The Hoopo® Dome is the end result: a beautiful and functional design furniture for domestic cats, which solves all the disadvantages of the traditional cat litter box for you! So why do we really think you should buy the Hoopo® Dome litter box? We've listed the five best reasons for you.

Reason #1: Comfortable and functional

As a cat lover, you know all too well that cats love a clean toilet. A cat simply refuses to use the litter box if it doesn't think it's clean. The Hoopo® Dome can be cleaned very easily and quickly.

The Hoopo® Dome is a great space for your cat. Cats love caves and therefore enjoy going into the box. Your cat will feel safe there, thanks to the closed design, an entrance curtain and partition. Inside, it offers enough space for almost all cat breeds.

Reason #2: No cat litter on the floor

One of the biggest annoyances for cat lovers is that the cat litter quickly spreads throughout your house through your four-legged friend's paws. We have also found a solution for that. Before your cat leaves the Hoopo® Dome, it walks over a special drip tray where all the litter falls of the paws by itself.

So no more cat litter on your floor! You can then easily empty the small container back into your cat litter box.

Reason #3: No more bad odors

Thanks to the closed design, unpleasant odors are an issue of the past. And do you want to clean the litter box for your cat for the next use? Then you can do that in an instant with the integrated shovel.

Reason #4: Beautiful design

The Hoopo® Dome litter box is beautifully designed and offers an optimal balance between style and functionality. It is a modern addition to your interior, which fits seamlessly into any living room. Thanks to the stylish design you no longer have to be ashamed of your litter box. It is a real eye catcher. Feel free to put a plant or a stack of books on it, because the Hoopo® Dome has a load capacity of no less than 25 kg.

Reason #5: Animal and planet friendly

The Hoopo® Dome is made from 100% recycled ABS. It is strong and durable. We do not use chemicals during production.

Purchase the Hoopo® Dome?

Are you looking for the perfect cat litter box? We think the Hoopo® Dome offers the best of both worlds: comfort and functionality for you and your cat, combined with a modern design. That makes both your cat and you happy. Ordering before 10 p.m. today? Then your Hoopo® Dome will be shipped the same day!

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