5 tips for introducing a new litter box

5 tips for introducing a new litter box

When you buy a new litter box, it can be difficult for your cat to get used to this change. To help you with this, we give you the five best tips for introducing the new litter box to your feline friend. With these tips and a little patience, the new litter box will quickly become a favourite!

5 tips for introducing a new litter box

You've just found a beautiful, new designer litter box for you and certainly your cat to enjoy. Just a matter of ordering and changing the litter box: cat's in the box, right?

Not so. We cat owners know all too well that our cats are creatures of habit and do not like change. But sometimes change is necessary. When, for whatever reason, you have acquired a new litter box, it is important to introduce it to your beloved cat step by step. A process that takes some time and effort, but one that gives the best results. Especially if the alternative is a puddle (or more) on your beautiful wooden floor.

How do you make the transition to a new litter box as smooth as possible for you and your cat? We cat you! We are happy to share the best tips with you:

Tip #1: Leave the old bin for a while.

A common mistake is to immediately swap in the old bin and take it away. Wait with this for a while and instead leave it in the same place. Fill it with the same cat litter you always use, so your cat can use it until he gets used to his new litter box.

Tip #2: Make the new litter box more attractive than the old one.

Cats are clean animals, so they also like to do their needs in a clean litter box. Fill the new box with fresh cat litter so that it is always clean. Instead, clean the old litter box a little less often so that it becomes less attractive to your furry friend. Just as we humans don't like dirty toilets either, the same goes for your cat. Given a choice between an unfamiliar, clean toilet and a familiar, dirtier one, chances are he will still choose the first option.

Tip #3: Add a comforting scent to the new bowl.

Scents are vital for cats. Mix a small amount of used cat litter into the filling of the new bin to add a familiar scent. When your cat explores, this comforting scent can help him feel more confident exploring the new litter box. Make sure this is really a minimal amount, otherwise it will soon be too dirty (see tip #1).

Tip #4: Don't put the hood on the new litter box just yet.

Your cat doesn't feel comfortable using the new litter box yet, so it's important that it can keep a good eye on its surroundings. So take the cover off for a while so he can look around. When he feels more at ease after a while, you can put the hood back on.

Tip #5: Last, but not least: be patient with your furry friend.

The most important tip we have for you is: give it time! Try to sense when your cat is ready for the next step and compliment him when he does use his new bowl or treat him to his favourite snack. Getting used to a new bowl can be faster for some cats than others. Make sure you do not punish him or her if it goes wrong once and, above all, be patient. Change simply takes time, but you will certainly succeed together!

With these tips, you can start looking for a nice new litter box with peace of mind and not have to worry about your stubborn male or female cat. Cat in the box!

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