Choosing the right litter box

Choosing the right litter box

There are all kinds of different litter trays available these days, in various colours and sizes. But how do you choose the best litter box to suit your cat? And how many litter trays do you actually need? We give you some advice in this blog.

How to choose the ideal litter box?

Every cat is different. Your 'furry friend' might still be small or very big; he is shy or quite cheeky: all cats are different. And for all these different cats there is a litter box to be found. So what does that ideal litter box for your cat look like? Opinions differ from cat to cat, but we already list all the possibilities!

The origin of litter boxes

The litter box as we know it today is a relatively recent invention that originated in the 1940s and 1950s. Before then, many cat owners simply let their cats do their needs outside. In the 1930s, attempts were made to allow cats to do their business indoors, but this was usually done on newspapers or other waste material placed on the floor.
In 1947, the first commercial litter box was introduced by a company called Edward Lowe Industries. The founder, Edward Lowe, had actually invented the litter box by accident when he used clay pellets to clean urine stains in his house. He realised that these pellets could also be used as cat litter and started selling the product under the name "Kitty Litter".
From the 1950s, the litter box became increasingly popular and became an essential part of the lives of many cats and their owners.

Litter boxes also move with the times and today there are many types of litter boxes available. Below, we share advice on choosing the ideal litter box for your cat:

#Tip 1: Size matters
Litter box size is an important aspect for your cat. Cats should have enough space to move and turn around while doing their needs. Generally, a litter box about 1.5 times your cat's height is the right size.

#Tip 2: Fills
There are different types of fillings you can use in a litter box. These include clay pellets, crystals, wood chips and recycled paper. Each type of litter has its own advantages and disadvantages. Clay pellets, for example, are cheap and effective, but they can give off dust and are not very environmentally friendly. Crystal filling tends to retain odours better, but can be expensive and the crystals get stuck in the feet and spread through the living room. Wood chips are durable and can reduce odours, but some cats don't like them because of the texture. Choose the filling that best suits you and your cat's needs.

#Tip 3: The choice is vast
There are different types of litter boxes available, such as open litter boxes, covered litter boxes and even self-cleaning litter boxes. An open litter box is generally the most affordable option and easier to clean, but offers little privacy for your cat. Covered litter trays offer more privacy and reduce odours, but they can feel small and cramped for some cats. Self-cleaning litter trays are convenient, but they are more expensive and sometimes require extra maintenance.

Tip 4: With a view
Litter box placement is very important. Cats like to have privacy when they do their needs, so put the litter box in a quiet and secluded place, away from food and water. Keep a distance of at least two metres.

Tip 5: Plus one
It is generally recommended to have one litter box per cat plus an extra litter box. So for one cat it is best to use two litter trays, for two cats three, and so on. This ensures that there is enough space for each cat to do his or her needs.

So from the above advice, it is clear that your cat's needs must be carefully considered to find the ideal litter box. Not every litter box will suit your cat and its needs. Really tailor the choice of litter box to your poochy friend.
We at Hoopo are real cat lovers and we have designed a number of litter trays that will make your cat really happy! For example, we have the Dome, the Dome Plus and the Poh litter trays.

The Dome and Dome Plus litter box

The Dome and the Dome Plus are beautiful litter boxes with a beautiful design that fits seamlessly into any interior style! These litter trays are made of durable plastic, modern in design and also surprisingly practical. The Dome litter trays are easy to clean and the Dome Plus' external drip tray also prevents grit from spreading.

The Poh litter box

This beautiful, redesigned version of the classic litter box is made entirely of eco-friendly plastic. The compact design makes the Poh suitable for small spaces, but is also spacious enough for your cat's comfort.
The Poh cat toilet is made of high-quality strong plastic that is easy to clean and sturdy to the touch. Thanks to its stylish design, the litter box does not need to be hidden and can be placed anywhere.

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