How do you encourage your cat to drink more?

How do you encourage your cat to drink more?

Cats are not the best water drinkers. That while drinking enough is actually very healthy for your cat. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give them that extra incentive to drink more. We share the six ultimate tips & tricks to help your cat do just that.

How do you encourage your cat to drink more?

Our cats are bad drinkers. Why this is? Cats are originally from the desert, so they are 'designed' to survive in low-moisture environments. They are able to get plenty of moisture from their food and have a lower urge to drink than many other animals. However, our current domestic cats are still limited in their ability to absorb moisture. In our home, they largely eat dry kibble with low moisture content, which is why it is important for them to drink more water. If your fluffy friend does not drink enough, the urine will concentrate even more and he will become more susceptible to various diseases. Dehydration or dehydration in cats can have serious consequences, including bladder and urinary tract problems or even kidney failure. In this case, prevention is better than cure!

How do you check dehydration in your cat?

How do you know if your cat is dehydrated? The easiest way is to lightly pull up the skin on your cat's neck and release it. If the skin does not immediately spring back into place, the cat is dehydrated. Other signs of dehydration include; pale and sticky gums, deep-set eyes, tremors in the paws and increased heart rate. Of course, it is always advisable to visit the vet if you suspect your cat is dehydrated.

How much water should your cat drink?

An average adult cat needs about 50 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. This means that a four-kg cat needs about 200 ml of water per day. Is your cat not meeting this? Then he may need some extra stimulation from you to encourage his drinking anyway. This can help prevent dehydration while ensuring your cat's health.

Below are six ultimate tips & tricks to get your cat to drink more water.

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Tip #1: The fresher, the better

Our feline friends are very clean critters and also like clean water. So replace its drinking bowl(s) with clean drinking water every day. This fresh water will encourage them to take a sip more often. We humans also prefer a freshly tapped beer or a tall glass of tap water, don't we? So your cat will also love fresh, clean water in its bowl.

Tip #2: Separate food & drink

Cats generally dislike having their food and water next to each other. Place drinking and feeding bowls at least two metres apart. This can ensure your cat drinks up to 30% more water than if the bowls are right next to each other.

Tip #3: The choice is vast

Place several water bowls in different places: both high and low and in different
spaces. Put them in a quiet place where the cat can look around well so that he can see his
environment and he feels safe.

Tip #4: Don't sh*t where you drink

As mentioned earlier, our feline friends are very clean creatures. Therefore, your cat would rather not drink near his toilet. In itself a logical phenomenon, but sometimes you just don't think about it. Therefore, make sure your cat's water bowl is at least two metres away from his litter box.

Tip #5: Drinking fountain

A golden tip is to purchase a drinking fountain for your cat. Such a water fountain pumps the water around, bringing oxygen into the water. This removes odours, the water stays cooler and tastes much nicer to your furry friend. The sound and movement of running water is also attractive to cats, especially the more curious and playful ones.

Tip #6: No irritated whiskers

Provide wide shallow water bowls, where the whiskers do not touch the rim. A shallow water bowl offers more surface area and less flow than a deep bowl, which most cats like better. This way, they don't get irritated whiskers, which in turn causes stress and discomfort and thus worse drinking behaviour.

In short: if you feel your cat is not getting enough fluids, there are many different ways to encourage him to drink extra water. Many of the tips mentioned above are combined in Hoopo®'s Aqua SMART drinking fountain.

Agua SMART water fountain

The water in the Agua water fountain keeps flowing automatically, encouraging higher water intake for your cat. The Agua water fountain barely makes a sound, so your work, movie or your cat's nap will not be disturbed. Every 24 hours, the bactericidal UVC lamp automatically switches on to effectively remove all bacteria, so your cat friend always has healthy drinking water. With its long battery life, large water tank and automatic functions, we have ensured that the Agua drinking fountain is a worry-free product for you and your cat. Last but not least, the Agua water fountain has a stylish design and fits into any interior.

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