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How do you prevent the spread of grit?

How do you prevent the spread of grit?

We love cats. But not grit! Or rather, we are happy that grit exists, but only if it stays in the container and is not spread throughout the house.

Keep track of your cat's toilet habits

Do certain unpleasant smells come out of the litter box? And how often does your cat relieve itself during the day? It is important to note her preferences, because a poorly managed litter tray can cause problems for both cats and cat owners. Here are a few tips to keep your house grit free and ensure a safe and pleasant environment for you and your cat.

Choosing the right type of grit your cat loves is certainly the first thing to do if you want to minimise distribution. Functional litter trays provide access from the front, allowing your cat to escape quickly and this is very important for cats. The general rule is one litter tray for every cat in the house, plus one more. Cats can be picky and territorial about where they go to do their business. Chances are your cat won't accept a litter tray if it has already been used or if it smells like another cat that has been there.

Location, location, location

Placing the litter box in the right place is as crucial a decision as deciding on the type of litter box you buy. Cat litter trays are often placed where it suits people, usually in a retrospective area. Cats, however, prefer quieter places close to their owners where they have privacy to do their business. 

If you have more than one cat, it is a good idea to put litter trays in more than one place. It's best not to cluster the litter boxes too close together. This way your cats will have space to do their needs!

TIP: because some grit inevitably falls out of the litter box, it is best to place the litter boxes on surfaces that are easy to clean!

Cleaning the litter box 

Who wants nasty smells in the house? Nobody does? Cats don't want to stay in their excrement because of... well, the same reasons we have!

To ensure sufficient hygiene, it is best to scoop out the grit every day. The scooping cycle also depends on the number of cats you have. 

Also keep the litter deep enough so that the lumps don't stick to the bottom of the tray. It helps to scoop as soon as your cat does her business because things easily stick to the surface.

The occasional thorough cleaning of the litter tray and scoop will also make a big contribution to keeping your cat healthy and happy. Don't wait for a weekly cleaning day to clean up all the smells and clutter. Instead, try to build up a routine so that regular cleaning doesn't seem like a cumbersome chore.

A proactive approach to cat litter can mean a clean home and a happier cat. So make sure you choose a litter tray that your cat will use, keep the litter fresh and closed and find the right place for it. Now you're sure you're doing the right thing! And enjoy your cat's love and madness! 

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