Scratch posts for big cats

Scratch posts for big cats

Do you have a large cat like a Maine Coon or a Norwegian forest cat? Then it's best to choose a scratching post especially for big cats. In this blog, you will discover how to choose the perfect scratching post to keep your big feline friend happy.

Scratching post for big cats

Your cat loves to scratch. It loves to run its claws along a rough surface and it does not care whether it is the fabric of your sofa or an expensive rug. A scratching post is therefore very handy to have around the house; for your furry friend to get rid of his need to scratch and not least to save your precious furniture some serious damage.
You can find a huge variety of scratching posts, furniture and shelves, all with their own specific features and designs. But what if you own a large cat, such as a Maine Coon or Ragdoll? In that case, it is important to make the right choice in a scratching post. An 'ordinary' scratching post may be unstable and not provide enough space for your big cat to stretch out. Investing in a good scratching post for big cats is then essential to meet the natural needs of your big feline friend.
In this blog, you will discover why scratching posts for big cats are important and how to choose the perfect one to keep your big feline friend happy.

The usefulness of a scratching post

Scratching is a natural behavior of cats. Scratching allows them to sharpen their claws, remove old nail covers and stretch muscle groups. A scratching post provides a safe and convenient place for your cat to satisfy this instinctive need. In addition, a scratching post offers many benefits for both your cat's physical health and well-being. In fact, scratching can reduce stress in your cat and also provides entertainment. A scratching post is an essential item for cat owners to create a happy and healthy living environment for their cats.

By size

When does your cat fall under the heavy/large cat category? A combination of the cat's breed and weight is often considered. For cats as small as five kilograms, a scratching post for heavy cats should be considered. There are several cat breeds that are larger than the average domestic cat, such as the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Maine Coon, the Siberian cat and the Ragdoll.

Maine Coon scratching post

The award for largest cat in the world goes to ... Omar! Omar is an Australian Maine Coon measuring a whopping 120 centimeters. Just sitting on his lap is also a bit more difficult with his weight of 14 kilograms. Omar is one of the biggest cats in the world and eats raw kangaroo for breakfast.
Count on Omar to have a sturdy scratching post for Maine Coons!

Large cat scratching post

Large cats often need different scratching posts to meet their needs. Important features to look out for when choosing a scratching post for big cats:

  • Obviously, sturdiness is very important. As you can imagine, an 'ordinary' scratching post is not made to support the weight of a large, heavier cat. Make sure the sturdy scratching post is made of materials such as thick rope and sturdy wooden structures. A sturdy base will prevent the scratching post from wobbling or falling over while scratching.
  • Equally important is the height of the scratching post. Big cats love to stretch out and climb. Choose a large scratching post that offers enough height so your cat can climb up and survey its territory from a higher point.
  • Big cats tend to have wider claws compared to smaller cat breeds. A large scratching post with wide scratching surfaces provides enough space for your cat to stretch and sharpen its claws. This will prevent your cat from accidentally damaging other furniture or carpets.
  • Choose a large scratching post with several hiding and play areas. Then make sure there is enough space for your big cat friend to lie and play comfortably here.

Gradual introduction

It may take some time for your cat to get used to a new scratching post. Introduce the scratching post gradually and encourage your cat to explore it by putting cat treats on it or playing with a toy. Make sure the scratching post is not isolated, but part of the environment where your cat feels comfortable. Also give your cat plenty of positive encouragement when it uses the scratching post.

A happy cat and owner

Choose a stable scratching post that offers sufficient strength, height, space and scratching surface. By choosing the right scratching post and placing it in a strategic location, you can ensure that your big cat is content and happy, while your furniture is spared from claw marks.

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